Volunteer Opportunities

We actively encourage sharing your time, knowledge, or skills to help others.  We will be posting opportunities shortly for those that have an interest in choosing something from our "Need" board.  These opportunities can vary greatly from business mentoring and advisory board support to community clean-up projects, relief efforts and more.

Provide Support

We want to encourage all our clients and partners to give when they can.  To make giving easy for those that may not have the time but certainly have the desire, we will provide a donation portal for a few of our favorite charities.   Our goal is to make giving easy.  At service invoicing, we will provide you with a choice to make a donation to one or all of these services.

Shout it Out!

For our clients and partners who are already leaders in providing community support and good works, we want to recognize your efforts.  Our belief is that people will gravitate toward doing business with others who are like-minded.  Our goal in sharing your good works is to hopefully start a movement, where more businesses begin to plan their businesses around the making an impact to our local communities.


Matching Program

When you engage Community Impact Solutions to help you with your projects we will set aside a portion of our earnings to match your contributions.

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